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We help victims of a workplace injury or illness pursue the benefits they deserve. If you were injured on the job, we assist with obtaining competent medical care and ensure our clients’ receive the maximum benefits



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Decades of Experience and Commitment to Clients as Premier Attorney in Workers Compensation Defense


Ana M. Frexes, Esq.

Ana M. Frexes, Esquire

Rosa M. Gutierrez, Paralegal

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Employment/Labor Disputes 

Employment law is the constellation of constitutions, statutes, regulations, and legal cases that governs the relationship between individual employees and their employers. 

​If you work for a living, you have a right to be free from discrimination and retaliation, to have your contracts honored, and to be paid for every hour you work (and more if you are entitled to overtime).  

Insurance Defense

Federal Wage and Hour Claims 

Claims Under Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

At Ana M Frexes & Associates, PA., it is our mission to uphold the highest quality of representation and to seek out the most cost effective resolution for each claim with honor, dedication, and efficiency. In other words, we work diligently to get you the benefits you deserve and to settle your case. 

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Ana M. Frexes & Associates, P.A.

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Ana M. Frexes & Associates specializes in Workers Compensation Defense, Liability, and Employment Law. With over 75 years of collective experience we have been ensuring the satisfaction of our clients for over 15 years providing the highest quality Workers’ Compensation Defense. Since we opened in 2005, the firm has been successful in bringing countless claims to expeditious and cost effective resolution.

Ana Frexes, Esquire is highly experienced in the defense practice of workers compensation and insurance-related litigation. In addition, she is certified by the Florida Department of Insurance to teach workers compensation law, and is an active member in the Workers Compensation Section of the Florida Bar. In 2005, she opened her law firm specializing in workers compensation defense and represents numerous Insurance Carriers statewide including the State of Florida, Claims Center, Specialty Risk Services, Strategic Outsourcing Inc. and Florida department of Transportation. She is also extremely active in the investigation of fraud with Florida’s Special Investigative Unit.

Ana’s broad experience in the area of workers compensation and insurance defense litigation, combined with her interpersonal skills and bilingual communication makes her an exceptional and zealous advocate for her clients. She is also an active contributor in social and community affairs, as well as professional organizations, through her memberships in the American Bar Association, the Dade County Bar Association, the Cuban American Bar Association and the Coral Gables Bar Association.